Not your mama’s pizza…

A little birdie (Ok, Billie, over at BillieSueLou’s Blog) told me to use salsa instead of pizza sauce for pizza. Much healthier AND, not surprisingly, delicious! Seriously! It’s like a mexican song in your mouth…. orwhathaveyou…. anyway, here you go:


Step 1: Despite knowing this should probably be step 4 or something, throw shrimp into a pan with Tony’s Seasoning and simmer until they’re cooked. Set them aside to get cold and soggy until you’re ready to use them. :]

Step 2: Chop half a jalapeno, a few mushrooms, and some garlic then throw it all in a pan to smother, or whatever the correct terminology would be, until your house smells awesome.

Step 3: Put salsa on 3/4 of your crust and pizza sauce on the 1/4 your child will refuse to eat anyway, despite your attempts to make that part “normal” and then bribe her, as she will say, “I can’t like it. Buy a good pizza, please.”

Step 4: Add the stuff you smothered to your 3/4 of the pizza and pepperoni to the 1/4 your child will, again, refuse to eat and pretend to gag on while you watch.

Step 5: Finish adding all remaining toppings. This is what your pizza should look like pre-oven.

Step 6: Take pizza out and proceed to burn your mouth on the hot-ass, amazing pizza you have just brought forth into this world. Also, begin process of bribery.

Special notes:

I almost always opt for low-fat cheese because I’m one of those few, freaky people who likes low-fat cheese over full-fat. Honestly, there isn’t really that big of a difference. If the other ingredients are good, then low-fat cheese isn’t going to change anything except your fat and calorie intake. (Awesome!)

Another special note is the crust. You have a few choices here. You can either make your own regular crust (that’s another post for another day), make a whole wheat crust (delicious! And another post.), cauliflower crust (embarassingly good… and another post), or you can take the easy and healthy-route by stopping by Walmart and buying a Mama Mia whole wheat, thin crust. That’s the crust pictured in the recipe. It’s about 100 calories per slice (as opposed to the 180-210 for a regular slice) and it’s crunchy! Take my word on it – Mama Mia is the way to go when you’re crunched on time.


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